Providing a single
window to the city stakeholders.

HyperCity provides intelligent tools to monitor and manage stakeholder touchpoints and tools to predict and plan future activities well.

Stakeholder Groups

Categorising stakeholders and improving city access.

Service Aggregation

Facilitating all services that make life easier for stakeholders.

Mobile & Web Interfaces

Apps for stakeholders and web based panels for officials.

Hypersmart Engine

Analytics Insights and more intelligence with AI & ML.

Smart Ecosystem
for future smart cities.

Digital transformation platform that brings stakeholders onto a seamlessly integrated platform giving easy access to all things smart; to citizens, to government/city officials, to tourists and to businesses.

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Intelligent ecosystem
improving livability index.

Making life easier and better for its inhabitants. The platform aggregates and facilitates all services that add to improving the livability index of the city.

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Manage, Control and get exciting Insights.

HyperCity’s web panel lets officials easily manage services and dashboard gives officials and administrators a real-time visual summary of every activity.


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Weekly Transactions

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Organise city and
offerings in a data driven way.

Stakeholder touchpoints structured to form organised feedback loops helping improve present and future interactions. City gains immense planning intelligence through structured insights.

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Exceptional additional support ensuring upliftment of livability index.

The platform includes many features and functionalities which help smart cities monitor, control, communicate, manage and facilitate activities efficiently and deal with emergencies in just a few smart clicks.

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